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The nature of our workshops is to emphasize factual, learned, and applicable lessons en-route the college process. Time is also allotted post-presentation for discussion and Q&A in order to assure maximum benefit for the attendees. Parents and students are both encouraged to attend. Contact us for more information regarding questions, pricing, or any other concerns.

Student Motivation for Success: 7th – 12th grade

The Student Motivation for Success Workshop has a primary focus of targeting the lack of internal motivation within students in middle to high school in achieving a higher education. The problem with lack of internal motivation is manifested through a students goals, energy, and ultimate life vision. Thus, this workshop provides lessons from personal anecdotes, insider secrets, and strategic planning to provide solutions and advice to both students and parents. The Motivational Workshop gives students a solid foundation and vision that they can work off of in order to achieve their goals and succeed in school. This workshop is recommended for students from 7th-12th grade.


College Application & Preparation: 7th – 12th grade

The College Application & Preparation (CAP) Workshop puts the spotlight on the college application, the most unique projection of who a student is to universities. According to the census report, 3.4 million students are expected to graduate high school this year alone; ensure as much as possible that you are among those whom are rewarded entrance into your ideal college as a result of your high academic status and well-equipped application. This workshop educates students and parents with all the tools needed to set the right foundation and proper preparation for the college application. This workshop is recommended for students from 7th-12th grade.


University Orientation: Life in College 101: 12th grade

The University Orientation: Life in College 101 Workshop is for seniors who will be matriculating in the upcoming fall. Most students perceive the end of the road to be graduation, when in reality that is just the beginning of a new journey. Guiding the students on the path entering college, this workshop will train them on how to plan ahead for course offerings, explore major requirements, and shine among a sea of students and new opportunities. Ultimately, the University Orientation Workshop serves to provide students with an idea of what to expect entering university life on a grand scheme. This workshop is recommended for 12th grade students who are matriculating in the upcoming semester.


Landing an Internship: 9th – 12th grade

The Landing an Internship Workshop is the first of many specialized workshops that hone in on essential tools high school students need to be made aware of. This workshop looks at current economic trends, the best techniques to gain an internship, and how an internship will ultimately contribute to the student’s long term goal. This is recommended for all high school students.


Mastering the College Essay: 11th – 12th grade

The Mastering the College Essay Workshop is the second of our specialized workshops that hone in on specific tools that high school students need to master and prepare for. This workshop provides an in-depth view of what Admissions Officers from all colleges are looking for in the college essay. It uses real advice from Admissions Officers, actual excerpts from different successful essays, and proven techniques to ensure that your college essay is perfect for submission. This is recommended for all 11th and 12th grade students.


Financial Aid Fundamentals: 9th – 12th grade

The Financial Aid Fundamentals Workshop goes over the importance of financial aid and why students need to at least apply. It covers the different types of aid available, the different applications for financial aid students need to know about, how to apply to them, what award packages are, and how to accept aid. It also emphasizes the different types of loans that exist and what students need to be made aware of in terms of interest rates and paying back their loans.