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This page highlights some of the testimonials we have received within the last few years. Please feel free to submit a testimonial if you have attended a workshop or met with us in person. Your feedback is what helps us grow and improve.

December 17, 2014    North Brunswick, NJ   

There is an unfortunate dearth of proper college guidance counseling in private schools, particularly in Islamic ones. Fortunately, Hidayah Services went to and beyond the call of duty and provided outstanding assistance for my senior class at Darul Arqam School. Aside from valuable presentations and workshops which clarified important matters (such as SATs, financial aid, scholarships, and essay writing) and gave advice not usually found in most mainstream resources, Hidayah Services also assisted me and my class every step of the way of the college application process.

They were incredibly thorough, reviewing each and every college essay I wrote and editing each one carefully with me, so that in the end they were the best they could be. More so, they were prompt in getting work done, and helped me navigate the complex web of college applications with greater ease, speed, and confidence than would have been possible had I been working on my own or with lesser assistance. I applied to roughly 20 colleges in the span of about a month, a monumental achievement that would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Hidayah Services.

The best thing about Hidayah Services is that they are not textbook in their approach. Their representatives hold valuable knowledge and pieces of information that are not easily gleaned from a quick internet search. For example, in order to inspire and expand my class's ideas for writing college essays, Hidayah Services provided us with a list of utterly eccentric and unusual accepted college essays. This had the effect of freeing us from any preconceived limitations regarding the level of creativity possible in our writing. This went a long way to motivating the class as a whole to push themselves to the limit and produce truly compelling essays. I myself went through several different drafts of my college essay before I finally had one that I thought was an excellent representation of who I was as a person. That final product would never have come to be had it not been for the instruction and advice of Hidayah Services.

In short, Hidayah Services provides substantial and unique guidance, a must for high school students who are at one of the most important junctures of their lives. The value of this type of assistance cannot be overstated. Hidayah Services provides the help that can make a real difference in the college application process, and I highly recommend them.

January 31, 2015    Montclair, NJ   

Up until the beginning of my senior year in high school, I was completely intimidated by the college application process. To be honest, I had no idea what the process actually entailed, but I’d heard many stories about how complicated it could be. Hidayah Services took me by the hand through the entire application process from start to finish, and they looked over my application numerous times to make sure that all sections were complete before the deadline. The well informed counselors sponsored many events including a career day and an essay writing workshop in my school. I consulted with my counselor many times during the span of the week and he made sure that my essay was perfect before I submitted it. He has given me very good guidance, aided me in decision-making, and is still sending me scholarship opportunities. What separates Hidayah Services from other guidance counseling groups is that they sincerely care about each client individually, and they search to find the most profitable option for you. The only regret I have is that I wish I’d started earlier, so I could’ve reaped the full benefits of the program.

October 4, 2015    Piscataway, NJ   

The workshop was very helpful and informative. Before I barely knew things about how to look good on your college applications and what you should do when your in high school. If you need fantastic workshops always use Hidayah Services!

March 10, 2014    Union, NJ   

Mr. Khan and Hidayah services were a pleasure to work with. Their attention to every detail of the college application process made the entire process less intimidating to the high school students in our community, as well as their parents. Not only does the workshop reiterate some of the concepts we know about the college process, it successfully expels many of the misconceptions we have in our communities. Also, Mr. Khan was highly approachable and many of our youth were eager to approach him after the session. After attending the workshop, even as a college graduate, I highly recommend that every college-bound student utilize Hidayah Services, even if just to ensure they're on the right track. Thank you!

December 29, 2014    Paterson, NJ   

Hidayah Services is a must for all institutions that serve high school students. Hidayah Services came and gave a workshop that effectively explained the ins- and - outs of the college process. The instructor covered everything from applications to FAFSA all in a concise and engaging manner. Students left well informed and motivated. We definitley hope to continue this service in our community, and certainly recommend it to others.

October 4, 2015    Piscataway, N.J.   

The workshop was very informative, interesting, and beneficial.

December 14, 2014    Teaneck, NJ   

Hidayah Services did a wonderful job with my High School students last year at Darul Arqam School. They were able to provide our college-bound seniors with full guidance, encouraging them to engage in proper decision-making and helped them to sharply stay on top of the college application process. Besides offering workshops on scholarships and financial aid opportunities, which were deemed extremely helpful by the Seniors’ parents, Hidayah Services coordinated a one-day Career Fair that our entire High School student body attended. The Career Fair was both an inspiring and illuminating experience for our students, as they were presented with realistic facts about the world beyond college.

In conclusion, with Hidayah Services our students will certainly be “College and Career Ready”.

April 23, 2016    Clifton, NJ   
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It has been the Palestinian American Community Center's utmost honor and privilege to host Hidayah Services' Workshops at our center. We worked with Hidayah Services to bring our community 5 monthly workshops about the ins and out of applying to college. This is an amazing service and we are so blessed to have such an organization in our community. The workshops are very detailed and address any and all concerns for students applying to college. The only thing is that I wish this existed when I was applying to college. Thank you for all your hard work!

April 13, 2014    South Brunswick, NJ   

Hidayah Services came to our community on two different occasions to give an overview of the College Application process. The feedback from the attendees on both seminars were extremely positive. Both students and parents came away learning new things and validating things they were aware of, the content was organized and presented in a simple way. May other communities benefit and take advantage of Hidayah Services!

February 12, 2014    Boonton, NJ   

We contacted Hidayah Services because we felt there was a lack of understanding and clarity in our community in regards to the college and career selection process. Unfortunately, with the advent of more profound admission criteria the application process has become a labyrinth of complex requirements and convoluted legalese. Salman conducted his workshop and did a fantastic job of addressing each aspect of the process and elaborating on these incredibly important series of decisions that our youth is tasked with making. He was insightful and articulate in his presentation and we plan to use Hidayah Services again in the future.

December 9, 2014    Bronx, NY   

Not only did Salman Khan deliver an inspirational story about excelling in a school environment, despite your past performance that has motivated me personally, but I received excellent advice to give to high school students. He gave advice concerning financial aid, something many schools fail to fully address including excellent resources for financial aid to pay for college. Many of the high school students in the audience including the other speakers asked him plenty of questions. He and Hidayah Services were very beneficial to the students that showed up and I highly recommend Hidayah Services to all.

May 27, 2014    Aberdeen/Matawan, NJ & Old Bridge, NJ   

I have worked with Salman Khan and Hidayah Services twice in the past year and both times (first in Old Bridge, and more recently in Matawan/Aberdeen) he did an amazing job at demonstrating the importance of understanding the college application process to our audience. Salman did a terrific job at addressing all the relevant issues that revolve around the college admission process, ranging from the application essays to the financial aid process, in his presentation. At the more recent workshop in Matawan/Aberdeen, Salman's hour long presentation was enough to expel any misconceptions about the college application process from our audience. It was quite clear that the audience highly enjoyed and benefitted from the presentation because the workshop remained interactive at large as there was a healthy exchange of questions and answers throughout the presentation. Salman's friendly demeanor made him very approachable as many parents approached him after the presentation inquiring when will he be available again for future workshops.

October 5, 2015    Piscataway, NJ   

Hidayah Services is such an innovative and wonderful idea for Islamic Schools! It was an extremely beneficial workshop that provided us with various information regarding colleges as well as future careers. Mr. Salman Khan was very informative and thorough and answered any questions we had. We look forward to attending more workshops in the future! All the best to Hidayah Services. Thank you!

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