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About Us

Our Mission

Hidayah Services’ mission is to educate students and families, so that they engage in proper decision-making and reach their full potential.


What is Hidayah Services?

Hidayah Services is a not for profit organization that is raising awareness about the importance of the college application process. We are an organization that seeks to help students unlock their full potential. Unfortunately, due to circumstances created by a lack of proper understanding on the students behalf, lack of access to helpful guidance early on, and poor understanding of the process by school guidance counselors, many students do not know the ins-and-outs of the application process. It is in these instances where Hidayah Services seeks to step in and assist families and students in making the right decisions. Hidayah Services offers workshops to schools and communities that wish to enlighten their students and families about the college process.

Please note we do NOT offer individualized counseling. Our primary goal is to disseminate information via workshops.


Our Founder

IamY 2015

Salman Khan is the Founder and Director of Hidayah Services. He launched Hidayah Services to help the Muslim community reach new heights of education, while maintaining their Islamic identity. His goal is to help educate Muslim families on how to prepare properly for the college process. He has worked as a College Counselor for the past three years, has conducted over 40 workshops on a broad range of college-related topics, and has worked with numerous Islamic schools to develop their guidance counseling programs. He graduated from Rutgers University and is a Certified College Counselor.